Sunday, 9 November 2008

Opening Party

Thanks so much to everyone that showed up i had a really great time and i hope you did too. It felt really good to be able to finally open and the fact so many people came to show thier support is really encouraging to me so again thanks!
It has to be said that people in my group in general look amazing so the event was made all the more interesting by the many creative avatars present!

Mantis Oh, Me and Skills Hak thanks guys for your support! much respect.

The super talented 2ndthoughts Brando playing a set entirely comprised of his own music productions which are all brilliant thankyou dude!

After enlightening us all Lone lays down for a catnap under the bass bins.

Special thanks also to Cerdwin Flanegan for use of her stream, Punkha Hax and Xavier Wilkinson for thier continued and long standing support and all my other friends who made the effort to show up you know who you are.
I believe Mantis took down some FRAPS so there may be a video of this event in the pipeline i cant wait to see it myself and if it ever transpires i will ofcourse keep you updated.

Peace Hern ♥

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