Friday, 21 November 2008

Cellular Pants / Skirt

The whole reason i began a store is probably a similair story to many. I made things that i want and then other people asked me for them and this is basically what i am still doing today so right about now i fancied a new pair of Tech style pants with a nice skirt combo to go with them.

I dont quite want to look like a Sci Fi character but i do like technological elements and this is reflected in the design of the pants with the textures having circuitry and cellular kind of shapes as well as some more contemporary camo styled fabrics and a lil bit of grunge for good measure.
They have nice sculpted legwarmers, Kneepads and thigh gaurds that help shape the legs into nice sexy curves. The skirt is also a sculpted shape so it forms around the waste well.

I also included a 2nd skirt type seen above with a glowing cellular construct of octagon shapes. All the glowing light parts are colour changing with a simple chat command up to 100+ colours available so you can match them to your fav items and colours.

Send me your snaps of this skirt with full perms inside SL and ill post my favourites on this blog.

Snap by Estella Thereian

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