Wednesday, 5 November 2008

CYO1 ~ Mech Suit

Cy01 was originally designed with a female shape in mind but now also includes a version for men too. It is still probably my most extensive build to date and has many scripted features. I still consider it to be the best and most stylish of its type in SL.

Features include:-

1. Scripted helm with exclusive breathing sound FX and particles with on/off command
2. Laser beams from the eyes with on/off command
3. Jetpack with flight assist ,animated open and close wings, exclusive sound FX and jet particles.
4. 2 optional massively powerfull Laser blasters arm attatchments with exclusive animation and sound FX
5. Colour trim and detail options up to 100+ colours available.

This build was a team effort involving 2 of SL's top scripters Talia Tokugawa, Poidowl Poikolainen and sound design by Mantis Oh of Hybrid Productions so the suit is of the highest quality inside and out.

All this aside it just kicks ass :)

Send me your images of this item inside SL with full perms (mod/copy/transfer) and ill put my favourutes on this blog.

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