Monday, 8 June 2009

Tekhawk Hair

Technological mowhakery! The Tekhawk is a nice cyber style double mowhawk built from bolted tek panels with hair spikes attatched and some glowy FX too. Its split down the middle and will look kick ass on any guy or girl cyberpunk :)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Something New.. ~ Baqpaq

Hello well finally something new for my store right? I was so busy with Poetik SIM and then after that i was building out a nightclub which will be called Intoxia more about that soon. I have completed all that so now finally i have some time to focus on AVZ again and getting some new nice things made for you guys!

The Baqpaq itself is my imagining of a sort of Anime style Laptop PC / backpack with wings ;) It does have a gentle flight assist so you can fly with it although its nothing like as powerfull as my jetpacks but it does have wings after all so it seemed appropriate. Other than that well its AVZ style aint it so enjoy :)

ps. it has a little anime girl on the screen with bouncy boobs always a + i think.