Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cyber Phatpack

This one design believe it or not is what inspired me to take AVZ in a slightly new direction and refresh everything it was about.
It started out as a boot! which then morphed into the backpack you see. It has organic and tech elements a theme i hope to continue in more of my future work. It is already a personal favourite as id been searching for something to stick on my back for a while. I am glad to finally be releasing it for all to enjoy with the opening of my new mainstore that this very designed triggered the inspiration of.

Send me your images of this backpack inside SL with full perms and ill put my favourites on this blog.

1 comment:

JPRhea25 said...

Wish I had known it was no transfer, was gonna get it for a friend. Looks great though, be nice if you did a jet pack version for getting around Insilico. :-)