Friday, 12 December 2008

Urbanix Skirt

Urbanix Skirt is a rebuild / retexture of the skirt that was part of the Harajuku Urbanix set which i have stopped selling. So many people have asked me about the skirt in particular and it is one of my fav items to wear that it seems right to re realease it as a skirt alone.
So i have retextured it all rebuilt and added many parts and i feel its even better than before enjoy!

Send me your snaps of this skirt with full perms inside SL and ill post my favourites to this blog.


manmachine said...

this is really cool. i have no idea what it is though.

you may like our cyberpunk comic, manmachine.
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let me know if you like it?

Hern Worsley said...

Hey Manmachine this is my blog that connects and gives info for the products i create in Second Life a virtual world with user created content if you are yet to try it why not give it a go you and feel free to contact me when you get there my name is Hern Worsley.

Your comic is excellent also i really like it ill set up a direct link from my page id be more than happy to send traffic your way :)