Thursday, 4 December 2008

Biomeka Blasters

More DCS2 compatible weaponry goodies for you this time in the form of bio mechanical arms with blasters on each.
Again i made sure they were not too overpowered but still usefull to those who RP and i created some nice animations for them along with some great sound FX.

Functions on these include

1. Duo fire barrage (great for large or multiple group targets)
2. Reloads after 15 x 2 bullets (15 each side)
3. 5% damager per bullet on DCS HUD
4. Realistic sound and particle FX
5. Custom animations
6. Low lag scripts
7. Color change via chat command

They look really great even if you just want to have them as an accessory and not run around shooting people. I made 2 sizes for men and woman and they also come with a glove layer.

Send me your snaps of these blasters inside SL with full perms and ill post my favourites to this blog.

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